Domestic gravestone manufacturers reveal the status quo and development trend of the industry

granite tombstone are a necessity for the passage of modern humans, just as people need a room and a bed for living. The reason why the real estate is booming is that the house belongs to just-needed goods, which has led to many speculators taking the opportunity to real estate speculators and raising house prices. It has also led to the booming of the real estate market, and tombstones are similar. There are rural tile houses, single apartments, and villa suites. The gravestones have rural soil burial monuments, cemetery cremation monuments, and family tombstones. The nature is almost the same, and it is just the necessities of the dead. The difference is that different local customs and cultures have different needs for tombstones.

headstone manufacturers According to the latest population census, the total population in the country has exceeded 1.4 billion. The mortality rate in recent years is basically above 7%, and nearly 10 million people are killed each year. It can be imagined that a small number of burials and burials will be eliminated. Outside the nation, the demand for tombstones is extremely alarming. Domestic tombstone processing factories provide tombstones of different grades for many mausoleums and individuals, and the competition is fierce. After years of development, today’s tombstone suppliers (except for funeral supplies) can be roughly divided into two types: large tombstone factories scattered throughout the country and stone tombstone industry belts. Different tombstone suppliers have different positioning and also have their own advantages and disadvantages.

There are a large number of regional small tombstone factories, which cover a wide area but are scattered. This kind of factory usually not only supplies tombstones but also covers other funeral supplies. The degree of professionalism is not high, and only the local residents are generally supplied with tombstones. Take the county where the author’s hometown is located as an example, the local tombstone factory is just a small workshop, and the quality cannot be described in terms of language, that is, a tombstone. It is understood that most of the domestic provinces and cities are also quite a situation. However, these widely distributed stone tombstones with rough workmanship have met at least 70% of the tombstone consumer demand in the country, and how this type of industry will continue to remain unchanging. People will use this kind of tombstone with relatively rough work for a long time, not because of lack of purchasing power, or because they are unwilling to spend too much in this place, but because most of the tombstone consumers who have used this kind of rough processing for a long time have not seen quality and craftsmanship. . To change this situation also requires a lot of effort.

Tombstone industrial belt in a large processing plant. Its characteristics are tombstone processing professional, large scale, excellent production process, but the price is relatively low. Mainly distributed in Hui’an, Fujian, and Shandong, Hebei and other places. As the national cremation system for the deceased continues to deepen into township-level units, a growing number of mausoleums have appeared. This centralized burial not only regulates the use of land, but also allows younger generations to trace the grave of their ancestors. Follow-up, but also more standardized in management. The unified procurement of cremation monuments can save the cost of individual orders to some extent. The Hoi An Tombstone in Fujian In the early 21st century, on the basis of providing Chinese traditional tombstones for domestic cemeteries, there are also a large number of tombstones exported to countries such as Japan and South Korea. Up to now, there are thousands of tombstone models designed and manufactured by Fujian’s tombstone manufacturers. With the continuous expansion of the domestic market, most manufacturers have also targeted the target customers at home. With the long-term contact with international consumers, many new tombstones have been produced, providing more consumption options for domestic cemetery managers and tombstone wholesalers. However, the national conditions have determined that people still use crude ordinary gravestones that are purchased locally. There is still a long way to go for the popularization of tombstones in the country. This requires the tombstone leaders in the tombstone processing industry to lead more people to see more. Good monument.

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