Purpose and Precautions for Hand-polished Huian Stone Gravestones

There are various kinds of cemeteries and cemeteries in different parts of the world.granite monuments The style of tombstones is also colorful. They play a very important role in them – the mourning mourning and deep memory of the mourners. How did Huian’s stone tombstone be carved out? We have also given a brief explanation of the previous article. Now, Xiao Bian tells you something about the end of the stone carving. The key to the final step is to look at it.

The final step in carving stone headstone suppliers is hand-polished. Grinding is a very time-consuming and laborious operation process. Artisans who need to grind the gravestone must have sufficient patience and sense of responsibility. They must be responsible in order to polish. Under normal circumstances, granite Huian stone carving gravestone is usually divided into gravel grinding and sanding, the ultimate goal is to ensure that the tombstone angular, outer surface roughness.

The specific process of grinding with sandstone is to grind the rough surface of the stone tombstone first with a coarse sand stone, followed by grinding with a finer sand stone, so that the surface of the stone carving tombstone is initially polished. After the sand stone is polished, it is necessary to grind it with an emery cloth. The most important purpose of the sand cloth is to make the surface of the tombstone more beautiful. Emery cloth sanding and gravel sanding are all required to be sanded with an emery cloth with a slightly coarse texture and then ground with a fine emery cloth.

However, no matter what kind of process is used to polish it, one thing to bear in mind is that it is absolutely impossible to polish the place where the corners were originally to be rounded. By this step, the production of stone tombstones will be completed. In fact, there is no big difference in the overall carving process of each stone carving tombstone craftwork, but if you want to sculpt a good stone carving product, not only do you have enough artistic accomplishments, you must also understand the basic aesthetics, optics, The skills in mathematics, mechanics, etc. are sufficient to support the knowledge needed in the carving process. There is also enough patience and meticulousness. Only in this way can we create excellent stone carving works.

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