What are the material factors that affect the price of Hui’an stone tombstone?

post by jiahengstone There are many factors that affect the price of stone tombstones, especially in China, because the conditions involved are numerous and the degree of influence is not the same. There are geographical, material, technical, brand, and other aspects, and the factors that affect the price of carving stone carvings can be said to be very many. The influence of carving materials on tombstone prices is very important, which is also an important part of carving costs. Today Xiao Bian came to introduce you to the impact of carving materials on the stone tombstone.

The impact of carving materials on the price of stone tombstones is very large, and commonly used materials are 654# granite, marble, white marble, bluestone and so on. Among them, Shanxi black, sesame black, sesame white, and Indian red, which are made of granite, are the most commonly used. Of course, other materials are also used, but very few. The most expensive is the stone tombstone of the Hanbaiyu stone, which is very high in Shandong, Fujian, and Hebei, and shows a straight-up trend, mainly because of the small amount of white marble storage and the excessive exploitation of the previous period. There is also the unstable nature of white marble, which is not conducive to outdoor exposure to prolonged exposure to corrosion weathering, and the processing is also relatively difficult. Based on the above reasons, the headstone manufacturers in Hui’an, Fujian Province, after a long exploration and exploration, found that granite stone is the most suitable stone carving stone tombstone, and the granite color variety and stone quality are many, and can meet the various needs of the tombstone carving . The most important is that the granite stone is of a stable nature and can retain its original appearance even if it is placed outdoors for several decades or even hundreds of thousands of years. From the aspect of cost, the storage capacity of granite stone in Fujian is very large. The tombstone manufacturers in Hui’an, Fujian Province, can draw materials locally, saving a lot of transportation costs to save costs.

The price gap between these materials is very large, and the quality of mineral resources and the location of stone mining are also important factors affecting their prices. There are tens of thousands of expensive parties and hundreds of cheap ones. The effect of finished products is also a world of difference. This is why the price of a set of stone tombstones will appear to be so big. The use of granite in Fujian province as a gravestone is the four major stone carvings of Shanxi Black, Sesame Black, Sesame White, and Indian Red. The meanings represented by the four colors are not the same. Red represents the dignified and fiery years of the tomb owner’s status, while white highlights the elegant and peaceful life of the tomb master. Shanxi black is the most commonly used symbol of solemnity and solemnity. The remembrance of the dead is in line with Chinese attitude towards funerals. However, stone is a non-renewable resource. Our stone tombstone manufacturers should make reasonable use of the carvings and can not waste extravagance. While providing exquisite tombstones for consumers, we must also do a good job in protecting natural resources.

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