Domestic Tombstone Industry Challenges and Opportunities

heart headstones is a commemorative carrier for people to bury the dead. Its appearance has largely reflected the people’s thoughts and dismay for their loved ones and friends. The tombstone funeral culture that flourished in the Han Dynasty has undergone enormous changes since its development. People’s ideological concepts, spending power and selectivity have all been upgraded unprecedentedly. With the further deepening of the national cremation system, the total amount of export monuments In a sharp downturn,cross headstones the domestic tombstone industry will be reshuffled. The major manufacturers are facing major challenges, and the opportunities for co-existence will also follow.

Domestic tombstone manufacturers’ challenges. The rise of the Internet has changed the consumption habits of almost all consumers. Many traditional industries have complained and clamored and have closed down or been forced to reform. The Internet age is an inevitable trend of social development. No one can stop it. All enterprises in social development should follow suit, adapt to changes in the market, and respond to the needs of consumers. As a traditional tombstone processing industry, it has also suffered a lot. In addition, the tombstone industry in recent years has also experienced a lot of hardships, and the export volume of Japan, which accounts for the vast majority of the volume caused by the world economic downturn, has dropped drastically. With the same quality requirements, prices have been reduced to The bottom line, many manufacturers have therefore turned their market goals to the domestic market. Third, as a tombstone made from limited stone resources, it is also facing the days of depletion of resources. In the face of this many hustle and bustle, Fujian’s gravestone manufacturers did not withdraw, after painful thinking, they chose to reform.

Domestic tombstone manufacturers’ opportunities. Manufacturers who can understand the market trends and formulate appropriate countermeasures may also find breakthroughs and re-enter the company to the road of development. If you merely obey the old rules and rest on your laurels, the closure of the factory is only a matter of time. Salt, tobacco, electricity, finance, and many other industries are all monopoly industries. Companies in these industries can be described as profiteering. There is no need to worry about any changes in the market, and there are few competitors. The reason why every manufacturer in the tombstone industry is struggling is because of industry competition. Fierce, more and more personalized market requirements, higher and higher requirements; in the industry after the reshuffle, the reduction in competitors will bring new hope to many manufacturers. According to incomplete statistics, in 2016, Hui’an stone carving enterprises in Fujian closed 76; in the first half of 2017, nearly 100 companies were closed down, among which tombstone processing companies have decreased, and some companies are still struggling, but some companies have risen against the trend. Factory building, building exhibition hall. The reason is to change the company’s development strategy in a timely manner, to move closer to the times, to process tombstones from the perspective of consumers, to constantly improve the company’s services, to improve internal management, and to gradually transition from traditional industries to modern stone sculpture tombstones that are in line with the Internet+ era. Processing company.

Fujian tombstone manufacturers meet the domestic market’s consumer demand for high-end tombstones, and also provide long-term supply of tombstones and ancillary products for many cemeteries and cemeteries, including cremation monuments, art monuments, nesting tombs, cinerary urns (cans, barrels), censer vases, etc. And so on, footprints all over Beijing, Northeast China, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Central China, South China, Yunguichuan and other places. Perfect product supply system and excellent after-sales service have made Fujian Hui’an Tombstone a firm foothold in the domestic market. The sale of products from the mainstream export monument to the current transformation as a domestic monument counts as a success. Huian tombstone manufacturers welcomed the domestic tombstones of the tombstone contractors, wholesalers of funeral supplies, tombstone sales stores to discuss cooperation.

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