The Stihl Sprocket Won’t Turn

Sprocket wear
STIHL chain saw sprocket sitting on a clutch drum, which makes all the pressure below the crankshaft sprocket and chain from the crankshaft. Since most Steele saw speeds of up to 12,000 rpm or more,ball bearing the applied force is quite remarkable. This force will cause the sprocket teeth grinding until the chain no longer able to catch up. Sprocket can still rotate at this point, but your chains may not.

Wear Needle
Sprocket which is called needle roller bearings, crankshaft stub ride along and help rotate the sprocket. Typically,rod end bearing these bearings will be worn or freeze them in a cage. You can check the bearings need to be replaced by the hold it to your ear, shaking it back and forth. If you can hear a little tense bearings, needle cage your fine; if you can not hear it, you’ll need to replace the needle cage.

Non-lubricated bearings
Every time you remove any clutch parts, you need a general-purpose engine grease lubricated needle bearings. You can use this fat fingers and coat the entire outer periphery of the bearing. You also need to follow the lubrication schedule, which is about 20-30 hours of operation of.

Wear clutch assembly
Sprocket of the clutch assembly, which is included in the clutch hub, clutch spring and clutch watts or more. These parts of the sprocket outward force applied to the centrifugal force generated from the operation of the crankshaft. If the clutch assembly is not properly along the crankshaft rotation, you will lose sprocket movement, then in your chain. You will start to hear a slight grinding sound or running from the clutches of the region’s future when these parts start to go.

Worn or stuck brake
Emphasis on safety chain brake handle front clutch. When activated chain brake, spring-engaging cable stop forward movement of the clutch. If your sprockets and clutch seemed to freeze, will not slip, you should check your brake spring, lever function and use of armed Spring turn and brake cable is connected to the clutch.

Frozen piston
If you delete the clutch member and not checking the brakes on, and you still will not budge sprocket, try to spin the crankshaft stub. If you can not get a stub rotate, chainsaw may have frozen and seized a piston in the cylinder.

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